Nutrition Coaching

Learn to love food for everything that it is.

Nourishment, tradition, comfort, celebration, friendship, and family.

Cultivate the life you want

Do you want to eat better but you're not sure where to start?

Have you tried making diet changes in the past but ultimately end up back in your old habits?

Sometimes we get into a routine of eating a certain way and don't realize that it may be doing us more harm that good. 

Eating well can improve several areas of your life but sometimes it can be difficult to know where or how to start. 

1 on 1 nutrition coaching can help!

Elise Harlow orange county Registered Dietitian in the kitchen with a counter of produce

Benefits of Nutrition Coaching

Personalized guidance to reach your nutrition goals.

Improve labs such as cholesterol, blood sugar, inflammation, vitamin D, etc.

Reach and maintain a weight that you feel best at in a balanced and healthy way.

Have better eating habits without restriction, guilt, or food rules.

Close support along the way can help prevent you from giving up or feeling overwhelmed. 

No more googling nutrition questions. All nutrition coaching packages include unlimited messaging support.

How Nutrition coaching works

Initial Session

At your initial 60 minute session I will take the time to get to know you and fully understand your goals, lifestyle, current understanding of nutrition, food preferences, stress and sleep patterns, and any medical conditions you may have. My goal is to have an in depth understanding so I can best help you to get to your optimal health! 

Based on your goals, I will provide a personalized action plan that includes steps you can start immediately.

To set you up for success, recipes, meal plan templates, and supplement recommendations (as needed) will be provided.

Follow Up Sessions

The sessions in your package are yours to use when you like. I find my clients have the most success when we meet weekly to begin and eventually increase the time between appointments.

At each follow up session, we will discuss your progress, what is working, and troubleshoot any issues. 

Also, because we are all human and benefit from a little support, I am available via email or messaging should any questions or issues arise in between sessions.

All sessions are conducted virtually via secure video platform. 

Nutrition Coaching Packages


This package is for you if you...


This package is for you if you...


This package is for you if you...


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