Meal Planning Services

Do You...

Rely on takeout to get through the week?

Feel overwhelmed trying to put together healthy meals?

Feel like planning meals, prepping meals, and making grocery lists is just too much work?


If so, I can help!

Let me take some of that off your plate (pun intended)! 

My meal planning services take the guess work out of healthy eating so you can feel good about the food you are eating!

All meal plans customized to your food preferences and cooking abilities.

You will receive a two week meal plan that includes recipes AND grocery lists so you know exactly what to eat to have healthy balanced meals each day and FEEL GREAT!

elise harlow cutting pineapple

Benefits of Meal Planning

  • Eat less takeout
  • Reduce stress trying to figure out what to eat
  • Have more control over what ingredients are being used to make your food
  • Eat healthy food that tastes good
  • Spend less time searching the internet for recipes
  • Know exactly what you need to buy at the grocery store each week
  • Feel great about the food that you are eating

Have Questions?

First, you will receive an in depth questionnaire about your meal planning needs, food preferences, and cooking skills. Once the questionnaire is completed, I will begin working on your customized meal plan & grocery lists.

As a part of your meal plans, you will also receive a meal prep guide that includes suggestions on steps to take make your meal plan even easier to follow throughout this week.

If you are looking for one on one support ongoing nutrition coaching and education, my nutrition coaching packages may be a better fit.

Have more questions?

Email me & let’s chat!

  • How many people will be following this meal plan?
  • Do you have any food allergies?
  • Do you have any medical conditions that will need to be considered when developing the meal plan?
  • What foods do you strongly dislike?
  • What foods/cuisine do you love?
  • Will you eat leftovers?
  • Do you want snacks included in your meal plan?

If you would like more than two weeks of meals plans, you have the option to add additional weeks of meal plans on a week by week basis. 

After the initial set of meal plans are provided you will be able to provide feedback regarding recipes that you would like repeated or left out of future meal plans.

What's included?

Two weeks of customized meal plans.

Two weeks of healthy & balanced recipes.

Two weeks of grocery lists.

Two weeks of meal prep guides.

Two weeks of access to Elise to ask any cooking questions. My goal is to help you feel comfortable and confident in the kitchen.

As a bonus, you will receive my meal planning guide so you will be better equipped to build healthy balanced meals once your meal plan is completed.


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