Nutrition Quick Consult

Do you ever google nutrition questions and feel confused?

Do you have questions that you would like answered by a nutrition expert?

Hate spending hours on google just to end up more confused than when you started?

The nutrition quick consult might be right for you!

What’s included in the nutrition quick consult?

The quick consult is a 30 minute virtual appointment to ask what ever questions you would like answered by a nutrition expert. Think of it like google but with a credible source and without the digging.

Any questions are welcome. Below are some possible topics:

From brand recommendations to what actually works, I can answer all of your supplement related questions.

Nutrition is a science and is therefore constantly changing. One day something is great and the next day it's no. It can be confusing and even more so when you dive into the world of google. As a nutrition expert, I can help you sift through the nutrition “noise” so you can feel confident in your nutrition choices.

Are you trying to improve your cooking skills? Feeling lost reading recipes you are trying to make? You can use the quick consult to ask any cooking questions you like. 

Nutrition labels are confusing. Serving size, servings per container, saturated fat, etc. I can help you learn to read nutrition labels so you can confidently choose the foods that are best for you.

There are endless nutrition myths out there. If you’ve ever wondered if eggs are truly bad for you or if carbs will make you gain weight, I can answer those questions!

Do you feel overwhelmed when you go to the grocery store and there's a million different yogurts, breads, crackers, granola, etc. to choose from? Let's chat and I can give you recommendations on my favorite food brands to best meet your needs. 

Hands holding sunflower seeds

Total investment


If I don’t have the answer to your question right away, I will do additional research so that you have the most up to date and scientifically correct answer.

Any additional research time will be added on at $100 per hour. I will quote you the estimated time prior to deciding if you would like to add this on.